Friday, October 13, 2006

Vamos a la tienda de madera

Another little slice of life in Mexico tale.


We needed about four feet of 1x2-inch wood trim to support a shelf Steve is installing under the kitchen sink. 


We walked to the nearby lumber yard and found only a couple of the hired help on the premises.  They didn’t have anything like 1x2 in stock but Steve pointed at piece of weathered scrap would and said in Spanish, “something like that.”


One of the workers picked up the scrap, which was about the right length, and walked to the back of the shop.  He planed all four sides of it and then split it lengthwise to the width we needed.


We asked him how much?  He kinda shrugged and indicated that the office was closed.


So, Steve gave him a tip and we were on our way home.


Try that at Home Depot.


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