Friday, September 29, 2006

The Oat Bran Quest

After failing to find oat bran (to add to our morning cereal) at any of the first three supermarkets we went to, we decided to catch a bus out to Bucerias, a town on the north side of Banderas Bay.  We had been advised by a fellow boater on the morning marine radio net that there was a great tienda de semillas (seed shop) there.


We found the shop, La Abejita, easily, however, no oat bran.  We learned there were two other seed shops in town.  The second had none either, nor did the third.  However, at the third shop we learned that salvado, which we thought meant simply bran, in fact means (at least in this area) a mixture of brans.  His salvado was a mixture of wheat, oat and sunflower seed bran.  We decided to give it a try.  We are certain from the look of it that both horses and cows would love it.


At La Abejita we also purchased some brown rice (hard to find down here) and dried peas.  The store has just about every grain you could imagine in bulk form.  Just grab a scoop and a plastic bag.


For lunch we found a place just off the central plaza and near the beach called Miguel Angel’s Restaurant-Bar.  The atmosphere was nice and the service good.  However, the Tortilla Soup was the most uninspired recipe we have yet tried (we have had Tortilla Soup at at least 10 different places).  However, the people from Chicago at the next table were raving about their seafood meals, so we won’t gong the place just because of their soup.


Partly sunny today, still very warm and humid.  The pool feels great in the afternoons.


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