Friday, October 13, 2006

Vamos a la Dentista

We were both due to have our teeth cleaned at a minimum, so when we got a glowing referral from our friends Jeff and Kathi on Bold Spirit, we made an appointment with a dentist at the nearby Plaza Marina Mall.  (Yes, they have malls in Mexico, as well as telephones, electricity, etc.)


We had our teeth cleaned last year by a dentist right here at the marina and we were not impressed.  It was a very slapdash job and we were in and out in about 20 minutes each.  Consequently, we were prepared for the same, despite the good references.


Wow!  Were we shocked! First of all, the cleanings were extremely thorough and professional.  Steve’s was performed by a dental hygienist (Marta), while Kay’s was performed by one of the dentists (Dr. Melisia).


During the course of our cleanings several problems were uncovered.  Both of us had cavities that needed work (Kay suspected this even before her previous cleaning), and Steve needed  X-rays and a periodontal exam as well.


We were all set for a bunch of appointments some time in the future but were told:  Kay could get her cavities filled immediately,  Steve could get his X-rays done in about ten minutes, and by the time he was done with those, the periodontist was due to arrive!  Yikes, talk about not having time to fret.


Kay is very happy with her fillings.  Steve was impressed with the state-of-the-art, computer-based X-ray system, and the “bedside manner” of his periodontist, with whom he will be meeting in the near future for a couple of procedures.


And the cost?  Between ½ and 1/3 of US rates.  A lot of that is probably due to the lower, if not nonexistent, cost of malpractice insurance down here.


Given the fact that our health insurance does not include dental care, we are very happy to have found this modern, conveniently close dental clinic here in Puerto Vallarta.


By the way, to those back home who have their panties all in a twist about the illegal immigrant problem, especially as it relates to Mexicans, we have a very simple solution!  Stop hiring them!  To only blame the illegals is to look at just one side of the problem.  When your glass house is clean, feel free to throw stones.  Meanwhile, we know American farmers and ranchers that can’t survive without them.


If all of you stop hiring them, believe it, they will stop coming.  And that would be sad, because Mexicans are some of the most friendly, honest and hard-working people we have met in our travels around the world.




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