Sunday, April 17, 2005

Favorite Gadgets #3 - The All-in-One Printer

We needed a new printer for our laptops before we left. Virtually by accident (not via careful research) we wound up with an HP All-in-One printer/scanner/copier.

The model we chose also has slots for reading digital memory cards like the ones used in the majority of digital cameras. We had just recently made that plunge as well with the purchase of Fuji Finepix cameras for each of us (different models).

So, what was originally sought to simply replace our old black and white printer, is now performing these additional functions:
a) A high speed card reader that easily transmits our photos from our cameras to our computer (with no battery drain on the cameras batteries)
b)A copier that has been very useful for making extra copies of our port clearance papers (you need 5-6); copies of charts and guides borrowed from other cruisers.
c)A scanner for making archival, back-up copies of important documents and certificates
d)A color printer that can print color photos and business/boat cards, etc. as well as normal black and white pages

This may well be old had to many of you, but perhaps not to everyone, especially those of us who live on boats. And boaters, because of space limitations, love gadgets that can perform multiple useful functions. This HP printer/scanner/copier is one of those kinds of gadgets. And thanks to competition, it cost the same or less than our old black and white Canon printer that could do nothing else. It is about the size of a bread box and cost about $140.


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